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mikeyh -> vcd`s wont play (12/31/2001 4:53:00 PM)

can anyone help?i have a sony dvp5325 dvd player and it wont play movies that i get from my friends ie(copy`s)my m8 has a cheapŁ99 player and that play`s them any ideas?

john -> RE: vcd`s wont play (12/31/2001 5:41:07 PM)

Are you sure that your DVD player support CD-R media?

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Jim Middleton -> RE: vcd`s wont play (1/1/2002 8:51:30 AM)

Check you player and list of players for compatibility at the above.


MR BIG -> RE: vcd`s wont play (1/4/2002 7:28:44 PM)

u need a dvd player with a twin laser pick up. it does not matter how much or wot make it is.that is the requirement that is needed to play vcd or cdr hope this helps

mr big

mikeyh -> RE: vcd`s wont play (1/6/2002 7:59:53 AM)

thanks for all info went and got myself a new dvd player everything works fine on it it even play`s mp3`s

nabeel767 -> RE: vcd`s wont play (1/12/2002 2:44:20 PM)

why go through the hassle of making your on vcd's when you can get them at you can also get ps2/dc/pc appz at for cheap and a good price


Tron -> RE: vcd`s wont play (1/12/2002 11:03:01 PM)

Because it is fun to make them. And easy. And I can set them to a quality that I like.

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