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rblake -> Nero Image (9/3/2001 8:34:50 AM)

I've had no problem creating an image file from data on my harddrive and then burning this onto a CD.

I only have one CD drive (Lite-on LTR 12102B) and am using Nero. I was wondering if I can create and image of a data CD directly from the CD drive that I can then burn onto a CD?



CCampbell -> RE: Nero Image (9/4/2001 5:27:10 PM)

You can go to Nero's CDRECORDER>CHOOSE RECORDER and select Image Drive as the destination. Then when you burn to CD, it will actually burn an image file to your HD. And then you can use Nero's FILE>BURN IMAGE to burn back to CD.

If you do not wish to store this image file on your HD, you can also simply place the data CD in your recorder, choose CD COPY as your option, and use your recorder as both Source and Destination. This will cause Nero to write the CD to your HD as an image file, then eject the data CD, and prompt you for a blank CD to write too. And when it's done, it will automaticly delete the image file from your HD.



rblake -> RE: Nero Image (9/11/2001 7:14:38 AM)


Thank you very much indeed. Everything worked like a charm!!!


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