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chrisz78 -> Which drive will write CD-Text and burn 800MB media? (5/25/2012 4:09:59 PM)

Recently, I have had a request to provide CDRs to a customer that provide CD-Text facility for titles and artist credits, AND play longer than 80 minutes. My current setup does not support writing CD-Text, but burns 800MB blanks without qualms. The thing is that I don't find many drives currently available that are expressly stated to write CD-Text - the only ones so specified is the Sony Optiarc AD series, but these are just as expressly NOT suitable for burning more than standard-length blanks (they say very bluntly on the Sony website that timings over 80 minutes are not covered by the industry CD standard and therefore will not be supported by their hardware, not even by an optional firmware update).

As I obviously cannot afford to buy a range of different CD/DVD burners just to try whether they actually DO burn 800MB blanks with CD-Text, I'd like to ask if anyone here can confirm/deny for their own burner whether they support these particular features. Only burners currently available are of interest, as I will not buy a second-hand drive.

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