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JESSE -> Problems Burning CD-R And DVD-R On My Laptop (3/6/2012 9:12:55 AM)

I had to get rid of my old computer a while ago and have been using a laptop for a while now. Last night I tried burning some cd's using Windows Media Player. I used that several times on my old computer and everything worked fine. However, after I "successfully" burned the cd's only one of my cd/dvd players would play them, and only one track out of the 20 or so songs would play. I specifically put the songs in order but the song that played was not even the first song on the list. As soon as I pressed play it said stop and then automatically began playing track one (the random song) I then tried to skip the song but it wouln't change.

I tried doing this with several different types of cd-r-s so it's not that, and the other cd/dvd players have always played my burned cd's. Someone suggested trying to burn it on a dvd-r, so I did, same thing. I'm not good with computers or this sort of thing at all so this has become really frusterating. If anyone could help me out with this it would be greatly appreciated!!!

Tony Veglis -> RE: Problems Burning CD-R And DVD-R On My Laptop (3/12/2012 2:54:02 PM)

Have you tried using any another bunrning software?

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