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atomicchicken -> Win2k problem with Nero 5.5 (9/3/2001 2:50:29 AM)

I just read the review on this web site about nero 5.5 and was wondering how I can burn without being on my administrator account. The review states that when you install the software, Nero will ask about allowing others that are not administrators to burn. I installed and re-installed but never saw that option. Can't find it in the prefrences either, unlike what I saw in the review. How can i allow others to burn without logging is as an administrator? Its page 8 that I saw all this. Am I the only one that can't burn? I upgraded my Nero from 5.0 , does that make a difference? I also tried the demo version from neros website and used my ****** number and worked fine, but no Security tab or anything. PLease help!!!!

Heres the link to page 8 -

CCampbell -> RE: Win2k problem with Nero 5.5 (9/4/2001 5:54:27 PM)

Sorry, we had to disable the "Security Feature" as when this option was enabled, we found many programs that did not properly support this Microsoft feature would no longer function. To avoid Tech support calls, we disabled this feature.

We hope to have this resolved soon!


To Bypass:

In users and passwords in control panel,
Setup the user so that they are seen as an Admin locally (i.e. the same user logon and specified by domain, but a member of the local Admin group).
You can then use policies and permissions on the 2000 Server Directory to restrict their access.



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