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KenL -> Playstation 2 (12/13/2001 6:49:44 AM)

I just bought my five year old grandson a Playstation2 with a few games. He seems kind of young to handle it and the disks but that was what he wanted and my son went along with it. I would like to be able to back up the disks for them so that if an accident happens it would happen on the copy. Can I do this with my Plextor 24x? I also have a Toshiba 1502.

john -> RE: Playstation 2 (12/13/2001 5:38:36 PM)

You can backup CD/DVD PS2 games but you will need modchip for playback them. Neo4 seems the best solution even Sony keep attacking websites that are selling such hot components.

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jb0395 -> RE: Playstation 2 (12/13/2001 10:12:27 PM)

You should have bought a pre-modded neo 4 system from for $430 . Mod chips can be very hard to install unless you are a skilled at soldering and know how to install it well .

dvdwriters -> RE: Playstation 2 (12/24/2001 12:01:09 PM)

NEO4 and Messiah have gone under due to legal action by Sony :(

Rebort -> RE: Playstation 2 (12/28/2001 3:57:01 PM)

NEO4 and Messiah have gone under due to legal action by Sony :(

I heard that about Neo4... as there been any kind of press release or where can i read about the facts???

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