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fatboy -> You guys are kidding!! (12/7/2001 2:35:32 AM)

I've just bought the LTR-24102B. I am not having fun with it.

It is capable of overburn but I cannot burn 817M on a 870M (90 mins) CD-R disc. In fact the drive does not even recognise a 90mins or a 99mins disc.

I have done the following :
- updated the ASPI to 4.60
- enabled/set the overburn option of Nero
- updated the drive BIOS from 5S0D to 5S54

I have tried the drive with Nero and, the same problem prevails.

I suspect it is the workmanship of the drive. My drive is made in China. What about yrs.

How am I going to solve this problem! Can anybody help?

23-17 -> RE: You guys are kidding!! (12/7/2001 3:38:36 AM)

90min CDRs do not hold 870MBs.

Here are the specs for a 90min CD.
CD-R Type / Overburn Capacity / Capacity in MB
CD-R 90 / 92:30 Minutes / 800 MB

Some 90min CDRs will hold 820MBs. 99min CDRs are required for holding 880MBs. You will never be able to squeeze out the whole 820MB since a few megs are used for CD file system overhead.

90min and 99min CDRs are not recognized as such on most burning software. You will need to 'overburn' to achieve the media's full capacity. However, you might try running your media through CloneCD to see if you get any better results in detecting its true capacity.

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netman -> RE: You guys are kidding!! (12/7/2001 7:14:21 PM)

from your description your problems are software-based and not hardware-based. have you thought of trying anything other than nero?


NotaHacker -> RE: You guys are kidding!! (12/7/2001 9:48:30 PM)

I had the same problem. All I did to make it work was have it set to disc at once in nero. Make sure you have it set to enable overburn in preferences and the max length to 99min. When I did that I was able to make a 850mb disc at 16x.
The disc I used where Compusa brand 24x they come up as 80 minutes in CDR Identifier but the work as 99. Good Luck

fatboy -> RE: You guys are kidding!! (12/9/2001 11:37:01 AM)

I start this topic, so I feel obliged to tell uguys what has happend to me.

I could not overburn 817M onto a 80 mins dics but the think is I can now. It disc was ejected every time I tried it, I do not know what I have done, but now I am asked whether I want to continue with overburn. Isn't that great

I think it is all bcoz of the overburn setting (not sure though).

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