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Zoda007 -> Is it 90min or 870MB? (12/3/2001 9:25:25 AM)

The other day at a computer show I bought blank CDs, but when I got home I was wondering if I was basically jipped. On the CD it says it's a 90min CD/870MB. When I look up online all I see is that 90min CDs are 780MB and the 870MB are 99min. The top label is pirinted in yellowish orange and it says its CDRMARKET with this web site This site is a little strange and I can't find anything on this CD-R.
Anybody experience this before?
Are 90min CD-R 780MB? And 99min 870MB?

NotaHacker -> RE: Is it 90min or 870MB? (12/13/2001 9:52:01 PM)

I have the compusa 99 minutes cdr's and there rated at 850mb. Try them and if they don't work next show go back and feed them to the guy if he doesn't take them back. : )
After looking around the web I see there is higher rating on 99min cdr's so maybe you didn't get jipped but I did but for $10 who cares they do what I need them to do!!!
Happy Burning

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