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Zoda007 -> Max Payne & Plextor (12/1/2001 4:08:42 PM)

OK I just got Max Payne and the Plextor 241040 and updated the Firmware. I also have a Toshiba DVD SD-1602 and Toshiba CD-ROM 1502d.
I don't know if the Toshiba drives work, as far as reading SD2, from what I read that the Plextor alone should be able too. Anyways, I am using the latest ClonCD and I turned on the Amplify Weak in the registry. As far as I know i have the necesary software and hardware to make a working backup copy, able to work on any drive.

My first question is, what should I set my settings to in CloneCD?

Second, If I update/patch Max Payne what do I need to do? I read something about using ATIP or something in the patch and that the backup doesn't work. How do I get around this?
Is it really necesary to patch the game? Are there any improvements?
in the patch?

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