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Cornfused -> LTR-24101B vs. LTR-24102B -- Did I Screw Up? (8/31/2001 12:20:08 PM)

I just noticed on my online invoice that the part number of the drive I ordered is the LTR-24101B. All the rave is about about the LTR-24102B. What is the difference? Am I screwed (meaning I need to send back the one I just ordered)?


/corn -> RE: LTR-24101B vs. LTR-24102B -- Did I Screw Up? (8/31/2001 1:29:29 PM)

the 24102b can backup sd2
the 24101b can not

i would send it right back

Cornfused -> RE: LTR-24101B vs. LTR-24102B -- Did I Screw Up? (8/31/2001 2:29:46 PM)


the 24102b can backup sd2
the 24101b can not

i would send it right back

Hrm. I just called their tech support and they said they didn't make a 24101B, only a 24102B. I guess I'll see when it arrives. I asked her if it would have the number on the box and she said it would. She speculated that the company made a mistake.


Sherman -> RE: LTR-24101B vs. LTR-24102B -- Did I Screw Up? (9/1/2001 3:30:24 AM)

Yep I think that is true, as yet I haven't seen a 24101B out their and I am pretty sure it doesnt exist.

Sherman -> RE: LTR-24101B vs. LTR-24102B -- Did I Screw Up? (9/1/2001 8:59:14 PM)

SHERMAN look a little harder especialy in the other forums that you have posted
the liteon 24101b does exist and IT CAN NOT BACKUP SD2

cornfused dont even open the boX

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Bubble Boy -> RE: LTR-24101B vs. LTR-24102B -- Did I Screw Up? (9/1/2001 11:26:19 PM)

Hey Sherman,

Did the 12102b ever hit the shelves in aussie? I was after one a little while back and all i could find was the 12101b.

I would have liked to have found out the name of the distributor for litoen here, just to find out for certain.


Sherman -> RE: LTR-24101B vs. LTR-24102B -- Did I Screw Up? (9/2/2001 5:33:54 AM)

Ok Nicki98,
First I like to thank you very much for that nice email you sent me. Now apparently when I spoke to others in other forums they have said that have listed the drive as a 24101B. This is true but still they have bought it from the company and have ended up with a 24102B. On corresponding with Newegg, they and (this is according to another) person told them that it was an error on there side and it was really meant to be the 24102B. Newegg made the error on their website- and if you don't think it is true then I would email them and ask them yourself. Second you say that their is a 24101B. So why don't you show me a review on it? or where I can find one. I would happily except I am wrong if you had a way to prove it. Lite-On's website doesn't even acknowledge that it exists and their in no firmware for it. Bum info or not- I think you has some tasks to prove dood. HE HE HE

BUBBLE BOY- is where you can get it in Australia. They are located in Pakenham, Melbourne, Victoria for $347.00 including GST and at for $342.00 without GST. My choice is to go with CWS as they deliver to all parts of Australia and currently they have the shipment in. Better get in there quick if you intend to get one as I was told that the drives are extreamly popular. UPDATE: Sorry- You have asked if the 12102B has hit the shelves- As far as I know it hasn't but the locations I have given you is for the 24102B drive which is a 24X10X40 drive. Creative are marketing a drive which use to be a Plextor by the way, which is a rebadged Lite-on 12101B. That is about it. Everyone here is pretty much selling the 12101B which can't do SD2 backups.


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Sherman -> RE: LTR-24101B vs. LTR-24102B -- Did I Screw Up? (9/2/2001 5:40:20 AM)

When you get it open the box and see on the drive what number it states. I would give you a BET that it will state LTR 24102B.
The only way to find out is to open the bloody box and see for yourself!!


Bubble Boy -> RE: LTR-24101B vs. LTR-24102B -- Did I Screw Up? (9/2/2001 6:26:30 AM)

Thanks Sherman for that info.

A little while back i was after a 12102b. Couldn't find one so now i'm about to get my hands on a 24102b.

I'm in Perth and my local computer store will be carrying them this week, i hope.


Sherman -> RE: LTR-24101B vs. LTR-24102B -- Did I Screw Up? (9/2/2001 7:34:18 AM)

Your welcome Bubble Boy -> RE: LTR-24101B vs. LTR-24102B -- Did I Screw Up? (9/2/2001 7:51:11 AM)

they might stock both 24102b/01 -> RE: LTR-24101B vs. LTR-24102B -- Did I Screw Up? (9/2/2001 10:10:53 AM)

sherman /if you are the same sherman that posts under,another forum.
liteon australian topic.then please read.It might be i have missed somthing here but the mail i sent
is because of your rough treatment of a younger member
,and the fact he relied on his mum to find a 24102b
To bring some body down like that just to inflate your own ego i find sad.
yes it is true some liteons deliverd as 24101b are installing as
24102b thats great when they do.My intention with my posting here was to warn cornfused
of a possible disapointment.hopefully corn checked with the retailer before it arrived,
when i said dont open the box .Over here retailers can be funny when the packaging
has been opend, if you want a refund, and they often charge for restocking.

It would seem your behavior on the other forum has been spotted by the administrator,about time too

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Sherman -> RE: LTR-24101B vs. LTR-24102B -- Did I Screw Up? (9/2/2001 6:13:01 PM)

Nicki98 or should is Jimmy Cobra-Please get your facts right before you go ahead and accuse someone. Now look here I haven't been treating anybody rough. The fact of the matter is that Sneaksta asked a question about where to find the cheapest 24X Liteon in Australia. Everyone in his post gave him an adequate answer as their is only Two stockists of the product in Australia as we Know. The problem arouse when others also posted under his post their questions as well and he got annoyed with it. He thought we were talking "off topic". So he suggested that we get lost and create our own Posting. So I DID! So is their any problem with that? Everyone started to post under my new heading!
Now he started the issue when he posted a post under my name to go and talk their!!. Furthermore that was not a yougster who posted the K-Mart post- it was Sneaksta as he felt that his post was going into oblivion as no-one was posting anything their anymore. I am sad that you are also planning to join his band-wagon without knowing the full details. Furthermore the email you sent me was rather rude as you stated that I was giving Bum Info- I was only conveying what others have said on other forums, however if I was wrong about anything then I would have standed corrected. Next you said to Cornfused to send the package back before even opening it and seeing what it is! Nice advice to give when accoriding to him Tech support had already said that they don't make a 24101B!! These forums are supposed to be set up for informed Discussion about CDRWS- not personal attacks- so lets just leave it at this and drop the entire subject before it gets out of hand!

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john -> RE: LTR-24101B vs. LTR-24102B -- Did I Screw Up? (9/2/2001 11:20:28 PM)

Peace my friends

Visit - The Recording Authority -> RE: LTR-24101B vs. LTR-24102B -- Did I Screw Up? (9/3/2001 7:35:52 AM)

yes lets leave it before it gets all clogged up just like u have with sneaksta in the other forum.Yes sherman these forums are for information,i agree. if the 24101b does turn out a myth then i stand corrected.But the the way you quote other peoples postings i find rude.I hope that in future if and when you have a difference of opinion with a posting, you don't start yours so rudely hrrrmmmm. not nice.It pays to be polite even when there is a difference of opinion.
If you have latest info on a subject.
I for one like to hear, but not the way you break it.
I hope the 24102b/24101b is an error,but still there are postings of 24101b.I would suggest if any body has received
this drive to check what it says in my computer/properties/device manager for their hardware profile as well as on there actual drives.
I like to be optimistic,but i could not tell anybody the 24101b will defiantly be a 24102b its not my money to take that chance.
Am i so wrong to think that way
My liteon came as a 24102b and installed as 24102b.The recent f/w upgrades suggests that shermans findings are correct as there is no
24101b in there. or it isnt upgraded yet????? My writer is fine works great i hope everybody else does to ,good luck.

sherman more info yes
rude entrances no

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Sherman -> RE: LTR-24101B vs. LTR-24102B -- Did I Screw Up? (9/3/2001 9:12:59 AM)

Fair enough Jimmy if I sounded rude then I apologise it wasn't done intentionally. Peace is what we want!!


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