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BILKO1 -> Yammie problems i think (11/20/2001 5:06:47 PM)

Got a Yamaha 2100s has worked fine for 6 months but has recently been producing the occasional beermat and reading slow after a few seconds.I use nero and Clone cd, when i write to a cdrw the max speed shown in nero is 8x but should be 10x.I've tried reinstalling Nero and updated to the latest version to no avail.Also when i run the Nero cd speed program the read speed increases from 15x to 22x in about 20 seconds then drops down to 5x is this normal?

BILKO1 -> RE: Yammie problems i think (11/20/2001 5:10:32 PM)

Just updated the scsi card drivers and got these results from nero cd speed test CD Speed

20 November 2001 - 23:02:56

CD-ROM drive information
Product CRW2100S
Firmware Version 1.0H

CD information
Type Data
Length 74:41.38

Test results

Transfer rate
Average 27.83x
Start 16.34x
End 36.80x
Reading type CAV

DAE quality
Score N/A
Accurate stream No

Seek times
Random 141 ms
1/3 Seek 152 ms
Full 234 ms

CPU usage
1X 2%
2X 4%
4X 15%
8X 16%

Burst rate 8 MB/s

Spinup/Spindown Time
Spinup Time 3.98 sec
Spindown Time 3.68 sec

Disc Eject Time 1.55 sec
Disc Load Time 1.72 sec
Disc Recognition Time 5.72 sec

much better but still only getting 8x write on cdrw and it is high speed cdrw that came with drive from Yamaha any ideas please????

burner1000000 -> RE: Yammie problems i think (11/22/2001 12:58:40 AM)

It is a well documented fact that although Yamaha 16x burners should write CDRWs at 10X, they only write at 8x. Yamaha took a lot of heat for it and corrected it in their later drives.

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