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dglarson -> New to This Forum and CD / DVD World (8/2/2011 12:42:53 PM)

I just joined and am new to this forum. I have a lot a PC experience and consider myself an advanced user (not quite expert but close) in everything except CDs. Oh, I have used CDs and DVDs repeatedly for many years. I have even burned a modest number of CDs over the years, but my understanding of the medium and all its related software and file formats has never been completely clear to me. Its all quite fuzzy.

So a recent event with CD burning has me stymied and I am turning here for help. But I would also like a primer or tutorial on CDs, DVDs, File formats (MP3, etc) and how they all relate to each other. I want a fair amount of precise detail, not lossey goosey generalizations. I hope I find that here.

I won't post the recent complete problem in this "Introduce Yourself" forum. I will search for a more appropriate forum and post there.

I look forward to learning.

Admin -> RE: New to This Forum and CD / DVD World (8/3/2011 6:10:21 AM)

Welcome to the forum dglarson!

malikinam -> RE: New to This Forum and CD / DVD World (5/29/2012 8:09:13 AM)

welcome to the forum dear and i hope you will like this forum very much, i like this forum very much and i want to add it in my favourite forum.

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