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qwertysidssq -> Problem burning cds (7/24/2010 6:59:21 AM)

Hey, hopefully someone can help me with this. 2 issues really, but both relate to the same thing. I have Windows media player and some software called Copy to Dvd SE (under the info tab it says Copy to Dvd and right below that it says Copy to Dvd manager In case anyone needs to know, I also have Windows Vista Home Basic. So my problems are that with Windows media player, it won't record live cds without adding 2 seconds in between songs...this really sucks because in between the songs the lead singer will be talking or sometimes one song leads into another, and the 2 second break makes it sound all chopped up and unprofessional. So I tried the cd burn sofware on Copy to Dvd SE. I set it for audio cd and transferred the songs (to burn) from Mp3 downloads. I used the option of "remove 2 second gaps between audio tracks" to try and keep the live cd flow. Now on the one hand for some live cds it worked great (I mean u might hear a slight half second pause before the next song but nothing u couldn't tolerate). However for some reason it sometimes records a loud static type of noise in between some of the songs (making it unlistenable, especially on headphones). It does it maybe 40%-50% of the time, I burn. The cds will either have zero static noises in between songs or you'll have at least a few songs with them.

What is causing this and how can I prevent it without having to put in those stupid 2 extra seconds between live tracks? Please help!

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