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PeterPan -> Can't finalize unfinalized dvds (7/10/2010 4:05:57 PM)

I record Tv programmes with a stand-alone Pioneer dvd recorder which is connected to a Tv,and I have more than 1000 recorded dvds which are unfinalized.My stand-alone dvd recorder got corrupt and I want to finalize these dvds with my pc(Windows 7).I want to copy the unfinalized dvds to blank dvds and finalize them by using Nero.A person who works in Pioneer's tech support said us that we can finalize discs with computer by using Nero's disc copy feature. But the problem is,when I put an unfinalized dvd which was recorded with my stand-alone dvd recorder,my computer's Lg H62N dvd burner tries to read the dvd,and doesn't stop.If I don't eject the dvd,the dvd burner tries to read the unfinalized dvd nonstop.

I have tried the sameunfinalied dvds with another computer(Windows Xp),and it's dvd burner didn't try to read the unfinalized dvd non-stop,it just stopped trying to read it in a few seconds.It's the way which I want my computer to behave,but cause it doesn't stop trying to read those unfinalized disc,I am not even run Nero.

How can I solve this problem?I am thinking about adding a new dvd burner to my computer but I am not sure if it can solve this problem or it continues.


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