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astra -> AMD's latest Roadmap unveiled - entire Platforms till 2011. (11/2/2009 9:32:37 AM)

A Japanese website has leaked slides from a major presentation organized by AMD Japan. We have a roadmap with all details, not just CPU, but GPU, IGP, Chipset and entire platforms from AMD all the way till 2011 - for both Desktop and Notebooks.

First up is the Desktop Roadmap. We are in 2009, and it is worth noting that for GPU, ATI's 7xx series (HD 4000) is listed as 40nm. In fact, the HD 4000 series is largely 55nm, except for RV740, which is 40nm.

Moving on to 2010, there are no surprises. Leo platform comes in Q2 with 6-core Thuban CPUs, along with 800 series chipsets. In terms of GPU, we have Evergreen all the way through 2010, though the next-gen has been rumoured to hit retail in second half of 2010. (Just as Evergreen - it only shows up on the Roadmap for 2010, when it is already shipping) Interestingly, no fab process has been mentioned for Evergreen. This might indicate the possibility of a 32nm shrink in 2010.

Talking of next-gen GPU, this is our first big news - it is indeed codenamed Northern Islands. We will wait and see if this puts to rest rumours of a rather amusing codename of Hecatonchires (try pronouncing that!). Northern Islands, manufactured at 32nm, is ATI's next-gen GPU, and finds it's way into AMD's Scorpius and Lynx platforms, both scheduled for 2011.

Scorpius is powered by >4 core, 32nm, Bulldozer CPU, based on AMD's much anticipated next-gen architecture.
Lynx finally sees AMD Fusion come to light. The Llano APU will consist of a 32nm shrink of the STARS core (currenly present in Phenom II X4) and a 32nm integrated GPU - both included on the same die. Details about the GPU are not mentioned, but it is rumoured to be based on Evergreen.
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