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astra -> Gumblar: Biggest Threat on the Web Today? (5/20/2009 6:29:54 AM)

A new trojan has grown quickly, and experts aren't mincing words in describing the danger.

A new worm is propagating across the Web, and a growing chorus security experts are warning that the Gumblar worm might be the biggest danger now facing the Net.

US-CERT yesterday issued an alert that the worm is propagating, joining warnings from other Internet security watchers like Sophos' Graham Cluley, who last week blogged that his company's figures indicate that the malware is currently the Web's dominant threat.

Last Wednesday, Sophos researcher Onur Komili reported that Gumblar, also known as Troj/JSRedir-R, had roared to the No. 1 spot among the Web's most common infections -- noting that it's six times more prevalent than the next closest threat, at around 42 percent of all of Sophos' detections.

The Gumblar attack compromises Web sites through the use of stolen FTP credentials, which is one of the targets of the legendary Sinowal Trojan. The compromised sites then infect users by means of a drive-by download attack that infects via unpatched Adobe PDF and Flash Player vulnerabilities.
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