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kubala -> Problem whit DMA on NEC ND-3540A (2/4/2009 4:57:22 AM)

Im sorry but my english its not very good :(
Hi everybody. I have dvd recorder NEC ND-3540A - soft lastest from producent website. I have fresh instalation of Windows XP Prf SP3.
My hardware: Gigabyte GA-K8u-939, 512 MB ddr, Sampron 3000+.

On HDD cabel i conect only dvd recorder. Windows detect dvd as "Only PIO". I try to change it to "DMA" , I try remove First and second canal IDE from My computer but nothing happend. I try to update dvdr to lastest firmaware (1.04). In BIOS I have "DMA enabled". Today I bay new HDD cabel. I tried to install newest driver for my IDE controller (ALi M5229 PCI Bus Master IDE). BIOS detect dvdr as ATA-33 so I think Windows must have UDMA 2. Maybe someone can help my. Thanks All.

opticalzoom -> RE: Problem whit DMA on NEC ND-3540A (2/9/2009 8:08:31 AM)

You can chick your pata linker.
My English also is poor

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