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Springjock -> NEC ND-3530A (12/12/2008 3:56:02 AM)


New to this website....learned a load already....great.

I can't get around this problem, as i am not technically minded on Pc's, more of a Mac guy.

My DVD Writer is an NEC ND-3530A everything was fine, burning Philips DVD-R's, my preferred disc's.

I had a small problem and i restored my Pc to it's original state when i purchased from the shops.

Now i can't burn NOTHING at all....not even if i drag and drop a Word file, pdf's or anything onto my disc....keeps giving me an error, cant
remember the error.

I've tried to burn through NERO, flushes the job round about when it is choosing the burn speed.
Starburn does the exact same....

I've tried to update the drive and downloaded a new version and when i try to install it gives me an error, is it a firmware, fireware error and that it
can't see my burner.....

I've read a couple of things about flash, and a new version 3.01 but i could lose my drive if i use the wrong version.....HELP

If someone could gives me a website or some advice i would be very grateful...

Cheers Springjock

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