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PeterPan -> Lg H62N don't read cds and firmware (11/12/2008 2:40:12 PM)

I am not sure if should write this message to "firmware" section or to this section.
I have Lg H62N dvd-rw.My problem is with cds which are burnt with my notebook(has a Nec brand dvd writer)Lg H62N don't read some files from cds which are burn with my notebook's dvd writer.I tried the same cd with an old computer's dvd reader(the dvd reader is 6 years old i think but it is very rarely used in last years,so it's still working) and when copying files to the old computer,the computer freezed for 2-3 seconds,then continued copying files and the copying succesfully completed.
Why my Lg H62N isn't able to copy the files to my computer?Is it cause H62N's error correction capabilities is poor or is there something which I can do?Does the new firmware (it's name is CL01 i think) increase error correction capabilities of H62N? 

SithTracy -> RE: Lg H62N don't read cds and firmware (11/12/2008 2:47:50 PM)

What brand of media are you writing to?  I suggest nothing other than Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden.

Additionally, what speed are you burning the CD's with on your notebook drive?  I have never been a fan of notebook burners.  I suggest you slow it down and use quality media.

PeterPan -> RE: Lg H62N don't read cds and firmware (11/12/2008 5:44:23 PM)

Thanks for your answer.

Seems like Nec(notebook) dvd burner doesn't able to write good to Memorex cds.But my problem is,why H62N doesn't able to read the cds(which are burnt by notebook dvd burner) although the other two dvd writer-dvd reader can copy from the same cds succesfully.Is it cause  Lg H62N's cd error correction capabilities not good? 

SithTracy -> RE: Lg H62N don't read cds and firmware (11/12/2008 8:36:19 PM)

No, error correction on the H62N is not so good, so they say... but my H62N was not purchased to be used as a CD reader... Got a couple of real Plextor's and a BenQ DW1640 that I have babied for that.  Still, focus on purchasing quality media... you will probably have marginally better luck... I say marginal because I have little faith in laptop burners and my faith in recordable media in general has been shaken over the last year plus.

PeterPan -> RE: Lg H62N don't read cds and firmware (11/19/2008 4:37:34 AM)

Thanks for your answer.

I wanted to test the drive's error correction capabilities with scratched and a bit dirty discs.I fingered all of an audio cd's(a copy of the original cd) back,and scratched it with using a metal piece.Some scratches are light some are deep and thicker.I tried reading audio cd with my notebook's Nec dvd writer.It didn't cause high volumed hiss-hops,but there was sound which shouldn't be,,it was  low volumed interrupting sounds..Also there were also a lot of silence moments,sometimes for 5-6 seconds while playing the audio cd.I was thinking that my notebook's dvd writer has very good error correction cause up-to-date it read almost every cd without problem.

Then i tried the same cd with my Lg H62n,and it played totaly smoothly,no silence moments nor "hiss-hops" nor similar interrupting sounds.

So i started to think that Lg H62n's cd error correction capabilities is good but it doesn't be able to tolerate cds with burn errors well.

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