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excelsius -> CDRInfo Reviews Are Deficient (11/9/2008 8:40:35 PM)

I am really frustrated: I am trying to find the CD burner with the best EAC properties - such as the best CD error correction - but the reviews CANNOT be sorted by ratings. Isn't this a very lame shortcoming? Shouldn't we be able to sort the CD burners with the highest marks first, such as highest CD or DVD error detection marks, etc? Why do i have to go and look at every single review before I can find one that says "excellet" for error detection? By the way, I have still not found a single drive that get's an excellent mark for CD error correction and I don't have the time to waste to look at every single review to find one that has great marks. How lame it is that it is not possible to sort reviews or find them by rating.

Am I missing a feature that exists? If not, are there any plans to finally organize the reviews into an intelligible structure??

MP3Mogul -> RE: CDRInfo Reviews Are Deficient (11/10/2008 6:12:59 PM)

Do you often join boards and then tell them how lame they are?  I bet that goes over well for you.

Anyway... not all board software supports the task that you are attempting to do.  Have you tried a simple google search for the top rated error corrected drives?

The reviews on the board are based on the drives themselves, and the reviews take quite a bit of effort to produce.  Remember, no one is paid here to produce the reviews.  They are done out of the love of helping others. 

Please in the future, try not to be so harsh, and to quick on your critique.

excelsius -> RE: CDRInfo Reviews Are Deficient (11/11/2008 11:48:33 AM)

Sorry if I sound harsh, but I am vexed. Stating an obvious deficiency is not harsh. Don't you think that it is a severe deficiency to not be able to sort drives by their rating? This is a very simple thing to ask. I obviously acknowledge all the work that goes into the reports and that's why I am asking to be allowed to sort the reports to make all that hard work more useful. To this day I don't know what is the drive that CDRInfo tests show to have the best CD error reading rates. I just have no idea and there is no way for me to find out, other than read every single review. Why not try to change the system instead of challenging my views? I am sure that if I had a poll, every single person would rate the sorting ability highly. Let's try and work towards that goal. If I was running this website, updating the infrastructure would be a high priority for me. It would create more traffic for you.

And yes, not only have I done extensive google search, but I have also been in various forums over the last two years. It is not possible to find the drives that have the highest ratings in one specific aspect. I wouldn't be posting here today if I had found what I need. In fact, some comments on forums sometimes contradict the information on here simply because it is not easy to find what you need.

SithTracy -> RE: CDRInfo Reviews Are Deficient (11/11/2008 12:11:25 PM)

MP3Mogul and I are just mods here, we don't run, we just police the forums.  I used to be an avid user of optical recording equipment, but through the years have come to realize it is not a good choice for long term archiving.  I am fortunate to have not lost any photos/music/data to the medium, but I scanned my discs every so often and watched them degrade from being in storage.  I think I understand why Plextor and Yamaha retracted from the market to no longer produce the excellent drives they once did.  Not that is the drives fault, but optical media has been produced with quality thrown out the window.  Everybody wants something cheaper, and corporations are eager to oblidge while giving the illusion of quality.

If you are state side and just ripping CD's?  Pick up a SCSI controller and contact me... I might be willing to part with some of my old Plextor equipment (I still have a couple of UltraPlex SCSI readers) for the right price.

MP3Mogul -> RE: CDRInfo Reviews Are Deficient (11/11/2008 7:37:10 PM)

A subscription to Consumer Magazines will also help you in your quest.  I see that you have joined the forum just to post the question... and not to put you aside, or anything, I understand your plight.

Alot of people will offer you just "THEIR PERSONAL OPINION" and it's probably not what you are looking for.

Most drives in todays market are okay, as long as you don't buy the cheapie stuff... spend a bit more and you get quality, i.e. pioneer makes great drives... BenQ used to be awesome....... Teac, and Samsung make great drives.... but mostly it's a matter of personal opinion.

I use a LiteOn drive to rip my audio CD's with...

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