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cadoo -> Asus Eee PC S101 (10/24/2008 3:56:08 PM)

It’s weird. At the start of writing this review, we admitted that yes, the Eee PC S101 does look nice. It looks very nice even and it feels great to use. Now though, faced with the interminable truth that this new colour and shiny hinge motif is costing users an extra £150 or so, we’ve had a change of heart. This shiny new coat of graphite paint isn’t good, it’s reprehensible and the only thing it really does is colour our final judgement of the Eee PC S101.

The S101 is still a good-looking machine and it is still a joy to use. It’ll look good in the metrosexual knapsack of any bonus-chasing city banker or on the meeting table of any board meeting. The Eee is still as good as it always was, but this SKU just looks a little bit prettier.

For most people though, the ones who are probably on the other side of the credit crunch and who are more concerned with value for money and battery life than the fact that their subnotebook has slightly shiny hinges, the S101 isn’t really a valid option. It may be pretty, but that comes at a huge and wildly disproportionate cost.

We get the feeling that price of the Eee PC S101 was decided based on what corporate types might pay, not what the system is truly worth - more proof that Asus has lost the plot on what it was that made the first Eee PCs great.


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