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cadoo -> Lian Li's PC-XB01 replacement Xbox 360 chassis (9/1/2008 7:46:02 AM)

In the end, people who are going to buy the PC-XB01 already know they're going to buy the PC-XB01. They're die hard Xbox 360 enthusiasts, hardware tweakers whose motto in life is "warranty: VOID!" and those wealthy enough to not worry if their Xbox red rings and they have to buy a new one. It's all about having something unique, very moddable and generally pretty good looking.

Sadly, the majority of people, even us included, don't fall into those categories....OK, the warranty:void one is a given. But the fact remains that for most people the loss of extended warranty by transplanting a console from case to case is likely too much to lose.

The PC-XB01 is a unique and highly innovative product - one where no one else has dared step, and for that we give Lian Li big kudos. We fully expect there to be a PC-XB02 and even competing models from other manufacturers before too long if this is really sucessful. The problem is that £70 plus the sacrifice of our precious three year warranty won't be worth the return for many, but for the very hardcore few; you stopped reading at "installation guide".


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