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Slyfox -> Snagit 9.0 (6/19/2008 7:07:26 PM)

I just upgraded my screen capture program to Snagit 9.0 and its the best I have used. Has anyone else tried this program?

SithTracy -> RE: Snagit 9.0 (6/19/2008 9:07:05 PM)

Not yet... saw some positive posts on it over at the Ultimate DVDR forums and have been considering dropping the 50 bucks on it... I have to write some doc on GnuPG for work and it might come in handy and if I use it, I can expense it after the doc is done.

killalot57 -> RE: Snagit 9.0 (6/20/2008 1:12:38 AM)

I don't like it, I had to get camtasia studio to use the video screen recorder(if I wasn't mistaken), also (and this may be my fault) it along with every other screen recorder program I've tried won't take a picture of a video being displayed on my media player, also I can't get it to record sound, if it has these options available and I just can't find it then its my fault, but in that case its still not very user friendly.

MP3Mogul -> RE: Snagit 9.0 (6/20/2008 10:02:30 PM)

I haven't upgraded yet, I use an older version, but I love the program in an of itself.

SithTracy -> RE: Snagit 9.0 (6/21/2008 11:28:30 AM)

Made the plunge and purchased 9.0... significant time savings over my old way... ALT+PRINT SCREEN and then open the image in an editor and do what I needed.  Very well thought out product for what it does.

Zebadee -> RE: Snagit 9.0 (6/21/2008 1:50:51 PM)

Hi [:)]
I too while not impressed enough to really use SnagIt 8.
Have purchased version 9.
It does what it says & the user interface has improved greatly.

MP3Mogul -> RE: Snagit 9.0 (6/21/2008 8:03:25 PM)

Okay, I'm going to get 9, because I did use 8 somewhat... but I must admit 9 looks better.

Civy -> RE: Snagit 9.0 (10/29/2009 1:56:29 AM)

[:'(] Okay, I will update to 9.0, thanks

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