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hemroid -> Avi to VCD or SVCD, etc? Size issues (5/12/2008 4:08:06 PM)

Okay, I am definitely not anywhere up to speed on conversion of AVI files to VCD or SVCD or MPEG or any of that.  I have downloaded several AVI files that I would like to play on my home DVD player which will play Video CDs as well as DVDs.  My problem comes in when I get a 700 mg AVI and convert it to VCD, now it takes more space than a CD.  My question is hopefully a simple one, how can I tell before I convert an AVI file toa VCD or MPEG or SVCD if it is going to take up more space or not?  Does AVI have the largest compression so that all other types will automatically be larger?  When I tried to convert the 700 mg AVI it needed 2 CDs to write it in the new format. If I used SVCD it was going to take 3 CDs to write it.  Is there someway to just convert the AVI and place it on a DVD.  I am using software by Cucusoft, I think it is avi - dvd pro or something like that.   Any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated.  Someday I will learn some of this and perhaps I can help someone else. Hopefully :)


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PatM -> RE: Avi to VCD or SVCD, etc? Size issues (5/12/2008 10:47:42 PM)

This link seems to give instructions to convert Avi to burn a DVD


The files are too large to fit on a VCD so use a DVD as per the link.

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