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woodtogo -> roxio issues with xp pro (2/8/2008 9:01:24 PM)

I have been trying to install Roxio Easy Creator 6 standard edition, and Roxio Easy Creator 7 standard edition, and Roxio Easy Creator 8 Platium and cannot install any of these on my Pc.  I originally had installed Roxio Easy Creator 7 standard edition on my Pc when I first got it.  This version came with a dvd burner I had purchased. All worked well, until I decided to change it because it would not run on my resolution of 800x600.  It kept changing to a higher resolution which was very hard for me to read because everything was so small.  So I have a copy of Roxio Easy Creator 6 standard edition, which is installed on another pc of mine, and thought I would install it on my new pc.  Well this is where the fun starts.  When I tried to install version 6, my pc would not boot up again.  It just keep recycling over and over.  The only thing that saved my butt was a product called GO BACK.  Which when I used it, my system was returned to normal.  So I tried this 3 times, then my nephew gave me a copy of Roxio Easy Creator 8 Platium more than I really wanted but tried to install it and guess what, pc won’t boot again.  Tried that twice.  Now in total despair I install Nero 6 which I also had from a former cd burner, and no problem installed fine and used it for a couple days, but I get too many errors with it and I really like Roxio better.  Seems I can not make a mistake with it and have used it for years.  Ok I will reinstall my version 7 standard edition, and live with the resolution problem and use a magnifying glass when I use it.  Well  it installs, but wipes out all my drives.  CD, DVD Rom, DVD all three gone.  Not knowing what to do I use my GO BACK and return my hd to a normal state.  I now have my dirves, but no burner software.  Does anyone know of what is causing the conflict with Roxio on my machine?  If there is a program that it does not like, I can remove it, but I really need to know what.   I am hoping someone out here has the answer.  Thank-You   Asus mb: P4S800DX    OS: windows xp pro     Processor: Intel 3 g      Memory:  1 g   Hd:  Seagate 120 gig.    Video Board:  XFX 7600 GT

SithTracy -> RE: roxio issues with xp pro (2/9/2008 6:55:03 AM)

Sounds strange to me... Possibly try updating your video drivers... must be some kind of conflict.  Remove the old nVidia drivers and install the latest available.

woodtogo -> RE: roxio issues with xp pro (2/11/2008 1:20:34 PM)

ok drivers a ll uptodate, and still no luck...

SithTracy -> RE: roxio issues with xp pro (2/11/2008 7:12:45 PM)

Wait a sec... running Nero and Roxio on the same rig?!!?  Never done that and heard they don't play nice... Do you have each products packet writing trash (InCD/DirectCD) on your rig?

woodtogo -> RE: roxio issues with xp pro (2/11/2008 7:25:03 PM)

 NO NO, only one at a time.  Not both together.

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