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tyc00n -> Need major help with Gigabeat (2/6/2008 6:07:43 PM)

Hey, everyone...

Ill start out by syaing im a compleet noob when it comes to technology and things...
My problem is as follows. (Ive got Windows XP Home Edition on my PC in case that matters)
I was frusterated with my Gigabeat because I couldn't figure out how to delete the songs (being the complete noob that i am) [:D]. I read a Yahoo! Answers post on how to delete songs via going into my computer while it's plugged in and deleting them from there. I plugged in, clicked music, and deleted all the folders with an artist's name (which was every file in the music folder). I unplugged, and the files were still there (It still said like 50 files under artist) So then I got really frusterated and I went back to my computer and i went into the Gigabeat, and just deleted a whole bunch of stuff. I unplugged, and it worked. All the songs were gone. To make sure it still worked, I plugged in the gigabeat and added one song to it via MediaMonkey. I unplugged and the song did not appear on the menu. When I plugged in the Gigabeat, my computer recognized that the one song that I added was on the Gigabeat, because my computer prompted me to select a program to play the files. I selected Real Player, and the file was fine. I'm pretty sure that I deleted something that I should not have deleted on the Gigabeat. The things I deleted are an XML file named Library, some DATA files, and a whole bunch of text files that just said things like "artist name" "song title" and things like that.
If anyone has like all the folders and files that should be on a BLANK Gigabeat, and they could post them or something, that would be great. If you have any other solutions, they're welcomed as well.

Also, it's a Gigabeat Model No. MEGF40



killalot57 -> RE: Need major help with Gigabeat (4/7/2008 11:31:34 PM)

I'm pretty sure that XML files are necessary, so unfortunatly you'll probanly just need to buy a new one, sorry I can't be more help.

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