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killalot57 -> Help!!! :( (1/18/2008 7:47:17 AM)

Okay, first of all I deserved this and I learned my lesson, but I was recently serverly hacked, what with the hacker could control my stuff, it wasn't a trogan, now they have my ip adress, when I scanned my copmputer with spybot, and avg It didn't find anything, what do I do?

P.S. this guy was a real hardcore hacker, I mean really, It was scary sh--, all I did was click on a link and everything went to heck, ANd they controled my account for like 5 min before they let me go.

MP3Mogul -> RE: Help!!! :( (1/18/2008 7:08:46 PM)

You notice that you have nothing but problems???  Hackers, viruses, spyware..... I suggest giving up computers.

Seriously though.... get a firewall.

SithTracy -> RE: Help!!! :( (1/18/2008 10:45:48 PM)

Comodo Firewall Pro is a good free one.

killalot57 -> RE: Help!!! :( (1/19/2008 8:54:38 AM)

Mucho Gracias Senor SithTracy!!!!!

..... and telling me to give up computers isn't funny

killalot57 -> RE: Help!!! :( (1/19/2008 9:32:52 AM)

After I installed the firewall it asked me to restart so I did, and now my computer isn't booting up, It gets to the login screen then shows a blue screen really quick with writing on it, then restarts automatically. Now I'm on my old PC. What should I do now?

SithTracy -> RE: Help!!! :( (1/20/2008 1:14:40 AM)

Yikes... You probably will have to boot up in Safe mode and uninstall the Comodo Firewall... thought most of the issues were resolved in it... After you remove it and reboot, you could try re-installing without Defense+.... And keep in mind ZoneLabs has a free version of ZoneAlarm firewall too...

killalot57 -> RE: Help!!! :( (1/21/2008 9:12:55 PM)

Thanks, I just did that and my new computer is as good as new... The only problem now is that my cat is sleeping on my left arm "rendering me slow"

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