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mike13 -> Verbatim DVD media (12/25/2007 9:05:56 PM)

Seems like the Verbatim name is highly recommended by many readers here. This is my experiance, opinions please. About a year ago I bought a 25 or 30 pack of Verbatim  DVD-R   4X speed. I used about the first 20 or 22 without any problems both in the DVD burner in my computer, and also in the stand alone VCR / DVD burner when I was copying old VCR tapes to DVD. Like I said above, no problems at all. However the last 6 discs have been a problem. The burner in my computer will not record on them. First I thought it was just me, but then I tried dubbing on the VCR / DVD recorder, and that did not work either. I tried all 6 remaining discs, no luck. I then tried another brand, Philips DVD+R in the computer, and they recorded  fine without a problem, so the burner in the computer is fine, no problems there. The stand alone VCR / DVD unit will not accept the Philips DVD+R .  So, has anyone run into that problem before ? What is the probability that the first 20 or so discs were fine, and the last 6 or so are not. I have the discs stored in the computer desk, in its original packaging, in house.  ????

SithTracy -> RE: Verbatim DVD media (12/26/2007 6:23:43 PM)

In a spindle?  Sometimes discs in a spindle get beat around... I've run into some bad ones in a spindle.  What is the media ID on the Verbs?  What kind of burner and what firmware revision are you on?

MP3Mogul -> RE: Verbatim DVD media (12/26/2007 6:55:05 PM)

Check the stand alone, it may only take -R and not the +R's...

mike13 -> RE: Verbatim DVD media (12/26/2007 7:31:53 PM)

SithTracy--This is the labeling on the spindle. Verbatim Digital Movie DVD-R. I do not see any media numbers. It does say it was made in Taiwan. The order # is  94866.  Since there are only about 6 discs left, I guess I will just throw them away.  
MP3Mogul--The stand alone unit does ONLY take the DVD-R discs. That is why I could not use the Philips DVD+R dics in that unit. I just wanted to prove to myself that both the stand alone unit and the burner in the computer were not the problem.
Both units had previously accepted the Verbatim discs without any problem. The discs are still in the original spindle, which I assume is the best place to keep them. Although it is strange that all the others recorded fine, and it is just these last six. Maybe they did get warped or something ??  Thanks for the replies.  

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