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rbee -> cd/dvd (11/21/2007 10:57:43 PM)

What is a good program to copy music cd's to dvd disk? I tried One Click cd/ dvd copy, and others, but  when I try to copy I get the message that the disk has to be cd-r or cd-rw,  I want to be able to put more than one cd on one dvd.

SithTracy -> RE: cd/dvd (11/22/2007 12:05:19 AM)

Well you won't be able to play it back in a CD player... but Easy CD-DA Extractor works for my seldom needs...  I archive FLAC files to DVD on occasion... But honestly, you can use ImgBurn to do that (well the burning part).  I think we need to better understand what you are wanting to do.

rbee -> RE: cd/dvd (11/22/2007 2:33:35 PM)

When i travel I listen to music cd's so instead of playing  more than one cd I would like to put put many cd's on one dvd and listen to mant hours of music without interuptions, safety is another consideration (don't change cd's while driving) Is there a program that can put many cd's on one dvd?

SithTracy -> RE: cd/dvd (11/22/2007 6:39:12 PM)

Do you have a deck that can playback DVD movies in your car?  ...because a typical car CD deck will not play DVD discs...  If the answer is yes, perhaps Audio DVD Creator will work for your needs...  I've never used it.  I have a Pioneer CD deck in my car that can playback MP3/WMA/AAC encoded files when written on CD-R's... Works great and I gen get between 12-15 CD's encoded to AAC (.m4a via iTunes) and put each album in a separate folder and navigate them.  Works great.

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