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thablewprnt -> hey, noob here. (6/16/2007 2:38:35 PM)

I have been avoiding this for years.....Updating my firmware that is. I think it's about time, so I did some googlin' and found this forum. You guys have already done me a great service by recommending svp for my media needs, which is worth the price of admission for me.....Wait, admission is free. [sm=2.gif] ...Anyway you get my point, this is a nice community. So my first big question is, where do I start? I got my PC in 03'. I have a  [sm=ak.gif]tsstcorp CD/DVD ts-h552b! Never really had any problems besides a few garbage DVDs (which I blamed on garbage media).
But this all started on my quest of finding out weather or not my combo drive has the 'burn-proof' feature because I'm looking to back-up a lot of music and movies....So I just wanna make sure all systems-a-go, before I blow brand new 50 packs of TY CD/DVDs! I'm not familiar with the term "flashing" or what it has to do with firmware. I'm a do-it-yourself-er, but it seems like I can really own myself If I do this incorrectly, so could someone please point me in the right direction? thanks!

SithTracy -> RE: hey, noob here. (6/16/2007 3:23:28 PM)

Flashing firmware is a simple thing... Usually it improves the burning capabilities and recognises more media types/brands.  Often it is an executable in Windows that you double-click and you're off!  Make sure there is no disc in the drive when you flash and the tray is closed.

Don't be afraid to do it... It's a piece of cake.

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