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buszoos -> CDRW Media Corrupted (6/9/2007 9:09:56 PM)

Hello all,

This concerns XP Home SP2 and a specific CDRW disc that I am not able to access.  On this disc are Word Documents, about 500mb.  Something happend to the disc out of the blue and I am not able to access it.  It says it may be corrupted.  I tried the disc in another PC drive with the same results. The drive in question is a Plextor 708A. The drive is not the problem, it's the disc.

How can I get the data off the disc.  I did download a utility that was able to read the contents of the disc but they wanted a lot of money to send me a key so I could open or file it. 

Does anyone have any suggestions, Thank you..........

SithTracy -> RE: CDRW Media Corrupted (6/10/2007 12:22:56 AM)

How did you use the disc?  With Packet Writing software (i.e. InCD, DirectCD, etc... drag to disc)?  I think your probably going to need to pay to recover and I'll suggest IsoBuster.  It's roughly $30.00 U.S. and worth every penny it recovers something that can't be replaced (i.e. digital photos, source code to something you are working on...).

If you were doing something with packet writing software, I'd suggest you never use it again.

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