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springer68 -> Problem with Nero Express 5 (5/27/2007 4:18:29 AM)

I have a LG GSA-4167B, 16X Super Multi DVD/CD Rewriter.  I am using Nero Express 5, that came along with the drive, I am unable to copy CD or DVD, the software just creates Images and stores it in the hard disk.  I am no sure what the problem is, Please help.


SithTracy -> RE: Problem with Nero Express 5 (5/27/2007 9:26:28 AM)

Hi springer68 and welcome.  I have rarely used Nero Express.  When you say you are trying to copy a disc, is it for a disc to disc copy?  Do you have more than one drive?  Or, are you trying to copy the data contents to your hard drive?  Please provided a blow by blow explanation if you can.



Vesna -> RE: Problem with Nero Express 5 (7/2/2007 10:38:17 PM)

Hi. Can anybody help me ??? I just installed nero and I would like to know how can I change setings on it so its not my universal player ???

SithTracy -> RE: Problem with Nero Express 5 (7/2/2007 10:57:57 PM)

Easiest way is to uninstall Nero and then do a custom install and select which file formats to allow Nero to be the default application for... i.e. Uncheck them all like I do![image][/image]

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