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simple -> new to cdrinfo (3/17/2007 4:10:07 PM)

hi guys and gals ...... just thought i would get my first post over with , some familier names hope i can help out from time to time [;)]

Zebadee -> RE: new to cdrinfo (3/17/2007 4:12:38 PM)

Hi [:)]
Welcome indeed simple.
If your game then we are too.[:D][:-][8|]

simple -> RE: new to cdrinfo (3/17/2007 4:14:32 PM)

hi zebs and thanks ........ whats the avatar limit??

MP3Mogul -> RE: new to cdrinfo (3/17/2007 10:01:49 PM)

Welcome aboard! [:D][;)]

SithTracy -> RE: new to cdrinfo (3/17/2007 11:46:24 PM)

Hi simple, welcome... As far as the avatar limit... goto your profile... I think it is 30KB / 145x145.

simple -> RE: new to cdrinfo (3/18/2007 12:04:21 PM)


hepano -> RE: new to cdrinfo (3/23/2007 11:35:27 PM)

hiiii all, im a newby, hope i can help or get help.  Thank you very much in advance.

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