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NLight95 -> Strange Nero CD-DVD Speed behavior (3/12/2007 8:18:43 PM)

Moderators: I didn't know exactly where to post this subject so I guessed this forum (CD/DVD Authoring) would be the best match. If this is not the right area then please feel free to move it.

Using the latest version of Nero CD-DVD Speed (, disc quality scans are intermittent. I scan them at 8x. Let me explain...

I burn a DVD (I only use Verb or TY) at 8x then scan it with CD-DVD Speed. When it scans the disc in "Disc Quality" mode it will read about 135MB then pause, then after a few seconds it will resume. It does this repeatedly throughout the san until its done. I've tried the two previous versions of CD-DVD Speed, two different motherboards--a DFI ICFX3200 & ASUS Commando--both at default and overclocked BIOS settings, several different discs and finally, a different cable. None of this worked. Using the same burner and discs there was no problem whatsoever on my previous Ultra-D motherboard.

Any clues? [sm=banghead.gif]

SithTracy -> RE: Strange Nero CD-DVD Speed behavior (3/12/2007 9:03:59 PM)

I considered that motherboard, but went with the P5B Deluxe.  I am going to guess you are scanning on the IDE interface with the BenQ DW1650 you mentioned in another post.  Just curious if you are using the Jmicron IDE drivers with that board?  If so, I'll bet you are running in PIO mode.  Try updating the drivers to the default "Micrsoft IDE drivers"... You'll have to configure your Jmicron controller for IDE and I think in doing so you disable the eSATA port on the back.

NLight95 -> RE: Strange Nero CD-DVD Speed behavior (3/13/2007 12:35:41 AM)

Thanks for your replies, ST. Actually the Commando doesn't have the external SATA port. The 965 supports it but ASUS decided to remove the port for whatever reason. The Commando is probably just a revised P5B Deluxe since the two boards are so very similar in design.

I'm using the standard MS drivers. In Dev Man the JMicron controller is indicated as a "Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller." There are no options to set the PIO mode and the device is working properly. I also get exact same behavior on my DFI LP ICFX3200, which uses the ATI SB600 south bridge. Other than this anomaly, the 1650 works perfectly. Oh yeah, I also tried 3 different firmwares (BCDC, BCHC, BCIC) and that didn't change anything either. So I'm stumped on this one.

SithTracy -> RE: Strange Nero CD-DVD Speed behavior (3/13/2007 7:10:34 AM)

Specifically, you should have something in device manager called Primary IDE Channel (or Secondary... that is where it is on the P5B, the Primary is Jmicron SATA in IDE mode in the BIOS)... there is where I suspect you will see your drive is in PIO mode.  You may also want to consider searching the ASUS forums.  Once you're in, you can be selective and see posts just for your motherboard.

NLight95 -> RE: Strange Nero CD-DVD Speed behavior (3/14/2007 12:20:25 AM)

All the controllers are set to "Auto Detection, DMA if Available," but those are for the SATA ports (one for each device, 6 total on the Commando).

The JMicron controller is listed as Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller.

There are no adjustable settings for this controller, using the MS driver anyway. I just might purchase the 111D. At least that way I can see whether it's the BenQ or the controller. Afterwards I'll decide which drive to keep and sell the one I don't keep to my friend Angela.

SithTracy -> RE: Strange Nero CD-DVD Speed behavior (3/14/2007 11:11:27 AM)

I installed my SATA as AHCI (set in bios) and used F6 to install the Intel drivers on Windows load.  Also, I set my Jmicron to IDE mode in the bios for better use of drives in JBOD mode...or in my case optical.

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