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mike13 -> VHS copy to DVD (3/4/2007 9:35:31 PM)

I have about 50 VHS tapes that I would like to burn to DVD's. I have a new VHS / DVD player / recorder. My plan was to just use the DUBBING feature in the new unit to play the old VHS tapes and copy / burn it to a DVD, thinking that would give the best quality because the transfer would be within the same machine. However I do not have any editing capability when Dubbing,  meaning that I can not cut out the commercials etc that are on the original VHS tapes. The second choice would be to set up the Panasonic VHS player and use three cables (red, white , and yellow) to connect it to the DVD recorder. This way I could just pause the DVD recorder when commercials came up etc, and then start burning after the commercials. This would probably work, but I was wondering about the quality transfer. Would I loose quality going from the old VHS player through the three cables and then to the DVD recorder ??

coonsanders -> RE: VHS copy to DVD (3/20/2007 3:59:17 PM)

i had a mmind to do this but i was told its a major operation.u need a large hard drive digital software and much time to get the picture just right.u cant just record a video into a computer(as i thought)its a very long and complicateed job.your better off go-
to one of thoes places that do it for a fee-or getting a recording dvd player and hooking it up to your vcr and doing it that way.


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