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Synetech -> CDRW Troubles (2/16/2007 1:23:52 PM)


I'm running low on HD space, so I'm trying to off-load some files to CDRW for the time being.  The problem is that while I can successfully burn the discs each and every time, each and every time I try to read them back, they always crap out.
I've got some CDRWs that I've had for a few years but used only a couple of times.  They are pretty much all Memorexes, and are a mix of 74 and 80 minute CDRWs and a mix of 4x and 8/10x (normal and High Speed).  I have previously been able to use them all successfully with my first two burners (a Plextor and a Sony) and I think that I used them in the Benq I'm using now as well.  However, while both the Benq CDRW and the LG DVDRW can both write the discs without problem, they both fail when trying to read the discs towards the end.

I tried various things like reducing the size of the disc, burning in the other drive, reading in the other drive, unplugging everything I can to make sure that the PSU isn't being taxed, burning slower, reading slower, different discs, and so on.  Nothing I do can seem to prevent problems with reading back the CDRWs.

I've done some scans and they always have problems from around the 3/4 mark.  In fact, the 80min 4x's seem to always die at around the 74min mark which makes me wonder if they are actually 74min discs faking as 80s: [img][/img]  (But then why does the burn not fail?  [sm=2.gif])

My last resort may be to pull out the old Sony and try that.

If it was just one or two discs, or under a specific circumstance or something, I would say that it's a compatibility issue or bad media or something, but I keep getting the same consistent problem.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks a lot.

MP3Mogul -> RE: CDRW Troubles (2/16/2007 7:31:38 PM)

The memorex discs are "HORRIBLE" don't use them.

Secondly, I wouldn't use CDRW to backup "anything".

Use regular CDR's, they don't cost as much as cdrw's!

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