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cadoo -> CCleaner v1.37.456 Released (2/1/2007 9:41:06 AM)

CCleaner is a freeware system optimization and privacy tool. It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history. But the best part is that it's fast (normally taking less than a second to run) and contains NO Spyware or Adware! :)

- Added support for loading/saving settings to an INI file
  rather than the registry.
- Added summary log for cleaning Firefox/Mozilla temporary files.
- Added file drag-and-drop support to the Custom File list.
- Improved Vista compatibility.
- Improved 64-bit OS support.
- Added filename wiping to secure deletion.
- Added cleaning for Adobe Reader 8.0, IZArc, OpenOffice 2.1,
  PerfectDisk 8.0.
- Updated cleaning for Nero and Flash Player.
- Several performance improvements.
- Major language translation updates.
- Minor stability improvements.
- Minor bug fixes.


SithTracy -> RE: CCleaner v1.37.456 Released (2/1/2007 11:37:24 AM)

Thanks!  Nice utility to use once in a while!

MP3Mogul -> RE: CCleaner v1.37.456 Released (2/2/2007 8:09:41 PM)

Yes, definately thanks.  I have switched to Vista now and I'm looking for compatible utilities.

SithTracy -> RE: CCleaner v1.37.456 Released (2/2/2007 10:02:45 PM)


I have switched to Vista now and I'm looking for compatible utilities.
I thought you were waiting for SP1... Well, how is it... Did you go Ultimate or Home?  What works/what doesn't?  Do tell... Perhaps, since this is off topic, you can start another thread.  When it comes to MS products, I don't always want a biased review, but what others think... 

MP3Mogul -> RE: CCleaner v1.37.456 Released (2/3/2007 11:22:36 PM)

I went for the Ultimate (Got an OEM Version) so it was cheaper.

So far it's wonderful... it's startup and shutdown times BLOW WinXP away!

I had to really do some homework to find some compatible programs that I wanted to use for it.  Went with NOD32 for AntiVirus, got SpywareDr 5 Beta (Vista With AntiVirus) and then pretty much everything else that I had worked with Vista.

The graphics are "intense" the system itself takes a bit to get used to, but once I started getting used to it, I liked it even more.

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