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rokrok -> internal DVD writer (1/3/2007 9:07:58 PM)

which brand would be a good replacement DVD drive for my computer? i currently have the OEM NEC ND-1100A.i'm looking for something that would solve ALL of my DVD-burning problems.

SithTracy -> RE: internal DVD writer (1/3/2007 9:50:04 PM)

LG GSA-H22N or H22L (if you want a Lightscribe capable drive).  I just ordered the H22N from NewEgg for $31 with free 3-day UPS shipping here in the states.

I'd have to say LG makes the best affordable drives right now for everyday use.  Doing tons of Audio??? Get a Plextor.

rokrok -> RE: internal DVD writer (1/4/2007 8:52:42 AM)

i will give this a try. thanks!

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