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MP3Mogul -> AnyDVD (1/3/2007 5:50:53 PM)

The latest is available for download.

I had a particular problem with this latest version from Slysoft.

After installing AnyDVD, I started having shutdown problems with IE 7.  It closes randomly while viewing webpages offering to send a report to MS.

I uninstalled AnyDVD, and then uninstalled IE 7, reinstalling IE 6.0 and AnyDVD and there are no problems. 

Next, uninstall AnyDVD and upgrade back to IE 7.0... there are no problems

Install AnyDVD with IE 7 and the problems return.

Anyone else?

SithTracy -> RE: AnyDVD (1/3/2007 7:14:35 PM)

Have yet to rip anything with, but I use Firefox 2.0.x... though I do have IE installed.  Will try ripping, but IE is not  my browser of choice... I'll post back later.

SithTracy -> RE: AnyDVD (1/3/2007 7:29:32 PM)

Just ripped a disc while browsing with both IE7 and FF2.  No problems... Used AnyDVD and CloneDVD  Do you need me to retry with DVD Shrink or something?

No problems at all.  System specs are as follows:

Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe
AMD Athlon X2 3800+
1 GB x 2 (Corsair Platinum DDR RAM 2GB total)
Leadtek PCIe nVidia 6600 series GPU with 256MB RAM

MP3Mogul -> RE: AnyDVD (1/3/2007 7:29:36 PM)


    I like the new IE 7, well until now.  There seems to be a compatability problem somewhere between the two.  I switched back to IE 6 for now, and I'll wait and see what happens.

    Perhaps it's time for me to take a look at firefox!

SithTracy -> RE: AnyDVD (1/3/2007 7:57:09 PM)

//!!off topic!!// Firefox is a fine browser, much better than IE7 IMO.  Not sure what your e-mail program of choice is but Thunderbird is great too.  I use a few plug-ins with it...  One of my Favs for Firefox is NoScript... prevents java and flash from coming up without your approval.  Can be configured for sites you trust.

Let me know if you need me to try ripping with Shrink or something else.[image][/image]


MP3Mogul -> RE: AnyDVD (1/4/2007 5:05:04 PM)

I installed Firefox (Using It Now) and I love it!

I won't be worrying about this problem anymore....  I just left my machine reverted back to IE 6.0 and will leave it at that and just use Firefox from now on.

SithTracy -> RE: AnyDVD (1/4/2007 6:12:32 PM)


I installed Firefox (Using It Now) and I love it!
Welcome to the dark side![image][/image]

whatupdoe1 -> RE: AnyDVD (1/7/2007 12:10:40 AM)

Once I installed IE 7 my AnyDvd and CloneDvd stopped working. I have both of the current versions. They both now tell me my trial version has expired. The legit key I have had for over a year now doesn't work. Any one have this problem. I can use a hand resolving it.

SithTracy -> RE: AnyDVD (1/7/2007 7:42:00 AM)

No problems what so ever here.  Your keys may have been blacklisted.  You should take the issue up with Slysoft.  No one can help you with licensing issues.

999parsley -> RE: AnyDVD (3/28/2007 7:03:50 PM)

I love Firefox.

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