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gergo -> InCD fails to close when switching users. (11/30/2006 7:23:32 AM)

I am using InCD with XP Pro.  If I log on to one user and either logoff or shutdown while still that user everything works ok.  If I logon to to one user and then switch to another user - that user will not be able to switch back to the other user, logoff or shutdown without a message saying that XP cannot end the task InCD.  If you manually stop the task the computer just locks up and must be reset...  Is there a way to use InCD with mutiple users in XP?  Any ideas will be appreciated - I really like using InCD.

SithTracy -> RE: InCD fails to close when switching users. (11/30/2006 8:04:23 AM)

InCD is packet writing software.  About the only advice you will get from anyone here is to not use it.  You are sure to lose data at some point.  Your better off writing data to sessions.

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