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Taf -> Corrupt DVD conversion files (10/11/2006 4:28:41 AM)

Hi there! First post and it's a toughie!

Until recently I was able to convert avi files (including DivX and Xvid) to DVD format for burning. I was using DVDSanta at that time.

Then suddenly the output files started being messed-up (out of synch sound, stuttering sound, no sound, stuttering picture, freezing). This included AVI files that I had previously converted with perfect results.

Gspot reported that I had all the correct filters and codecs.

I reinstalled DVDSanta... no change
I reinstalled DivX and XVid..... no change
I reinstalled PowerDVD player... no change
I reinstalled Nero6 and updated it.... no change

The bods at DVDSanta don't appear to provide any support at all, so I decided to try WinAVI... but the results were the same.

A friend on another forum has had the same problems for a little while now using WinAVI and Nero7, and he too has tried older versions and older codecs to no avail.

I have trawled through many forums and webpages, but have yet to find a solution....

HELP!! [:(]

adiadidas -> RE: Corrupt DVD conversion files (10/11/2006 12:28:32 PM)

I was adviced to advice you to use
can u test with that and report back the resutls?

Taf -> RE: Corrupt DVD conversion files (10/11/2006 2:50:44 PM)

Thanks adiadidas.... WOW! That looks complicated... give me a day or 2 to get to grips (partially) with it...

Do I test the output DVD files or the input avi files? ???

alexmacris -> RE: Corrupt DVD conversion files (10/12/2006 6:29:41 AM)

Hi friend! There are several software that can do try MeGUI

Taf -> RE: Corrupt DVD conversion files (10/12/2006 6:35:34 AM)

Thanks alexmacris... lots of steep learning curves to fry my braincells with! [;)]

Virtualdub is reporting all of my AVIs are non standard Variable Bit Rate....

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