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offroad -> PC won't read Video Mode -RW DVD's Finalized on Recorder (9/25/2006 4:28:07 PM)

My Desktop PC won't recognize files on or play video from, -RW media thats been formatted in Video Mode, Recorded and Finalized on my JVC DR-M10S standalone recorder.

I have two drives on the PC in question, one is a BenQ DW-1640 DVD burner and the other a Hitachi GD-7500 DVD Rom drive. The burner thinks any -RW disc from the JVC is a blank CD (no files at all), the DVD Rom drive doesn't even see a disc loaded at all. My laptop with a CD Burner/DVD Rom drive recognizes the disc and plays the video fine and the JVC plays them back as well. I don't have this problem if I record with the JVC on -R media or when playing back a commercial DVD on the PC.

At first I thought perhaps some of the spindle of Ritek 2x -RW's I bought with the recorder were going bad but all of them act the same. I have also tried new Maxell and Fuji 2x -RW media with the same results. Using Nero I can quick erase any of these -RW discs with the DVD burner on the desktop PC, then burn DVD video on it from my hard drive and the PC's burner will play the video just fine. The specs for the BenQ DW-1640 DVD burner on the desktop PC call for support on -RW burns of up to 6x and reading up to 16X.

Both the laptop and the Desktop PC are on Windows XP Pro with SP2, and the Desktop has all the latest critical fixes from Microsoft. I have used this desktop before for editing -RW media from the JVC without any problems, however WinXP has been reloaded recently and I "may" have had a LiteOn (died awhile back) burner the last time I ripped video recorded on the JVC to the desktop but I don't think so.

Any help is greatly appreciated as I've tried everything I can think of

MP3Mogul -> RE: PC won't read Video Mode -RW DVD's Finalized on Recorder (9/25/2006 5:59:46 PM)

Make sure you are recording it in 2 hour format.  Most standalone DVD recorders have a 2,4, and 6 hour mode.  Anything above the 2 hour mode will not be compatible in anything except what it was recorded in.

offroad -> RE: PC won't read Video Mode -RW DVD's Finalized on Recorder (9/25/2006 10:59:47 PM)

Thanks, but at present I'm just trying to rip a finalized -RW to my PC for editing.

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