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Laegnor -> Globalization makes computer parts stink (8/27/2006 5:04:02 PM)

Have you ever felt some specific chemical smell from working computers and from computer parts? If you haven't - try to smell the air inside a just worked computer, try to smell fans, different boards and so on which you bought to upgrade your machine, try to smell active network equipment in your office through the ventilation holes. If you don't smell well ask anybody else who does.
There is one and sole cause of this, it is shamefully written on the device: MADE IN CHINA. (or Malaysia, the same sh*t).
This problem is new to us. Old brand computer hardware even made somewhere in Taiwan was free of any stink. There was a lot of good white-made hardware for a higher price. A consumer decided in such way: if cheaper - Asian noname, if quality was needed - white-made brands for a higher price.
Nowadays the situation has changed. Now we are forced to choose between expensive China and cheap China.
Globalization. In practice it means making China and similar countries the sole manufacturers.
First, China lead a price war. Cheaper with the same functionality meant better choice for the greedy majority. Because of that, manufacturing in developed countries became unprofitable and was carried to China and similar filth. Corporations claim that the quality remains, that they thoroughly inspect the manufacturing process, but it's a lie: the materials used are made in China and these materials are the same only formally, the specific stink proves that statement! Aborigen engineers are more and more free to make decisions which material and from which manufacturer to use. Chinese plants make production for a number of corporations on the agreement basis, they don't act as normal corporation divisions - it is the next turn of globalization. That's why Chinese engeneers are so free to decide! And what they decide can be estimated even without the use of special equipment - by just smelling this damned stink. A chink-stink.
The first reason why Chinese and other aborigen engieers and managers decide to use ecologically bad materials is economizing on quality. It's criminal but not as dangerous as the following: what if Chinese Triad mafia plan to poison and gradually eliminate white people?

The solution:
You should apply to court. If you live in a country with the PRECEDENT LAW it's the best case, but if you don't - do it too. In USA there is a practice of huge moral damage compensations. We should use any means to beat (i do love this word) the enemy poisoning and betraying us.

Step ONE. If you have bought stinking asian hardware, it is strongly recommended to make ecological expertise and get some official paper, proving that the given device, normally heated inside a computer case, emits harmful volatile matters to indoor air in unacceptable by ecological standards quantities. (If a device stinks heavily the levels measured should always be unacceptable). Step TWO. Then, having an official experts' conclusion you should apply to court against the manufacturing company. Step THREE. Waiting for the process to begin, you should try to advertise the future process among journalists. The more mass media are involved the better. People, reading newspapers will likely boycott not only computer hardware but any other commodities from China and similar countries.


alexmacris -> RE: Globalization makes computer parts stink (8/29/2006 6:02:12 AM)

Hi friend! Interesting post and observations here. I remember i had smell something bad with a new PC, but after opening the window and fresh air came in, it went away...

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