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tommytwo -> Hi (8/12/2006 1:03:37 PM)

My name is Tom O'Connell, a 62 year old disabled person living on disability,
which means poor.
My computer is a Compaq Desktpro EN, OS Windows XP Home.
It only has 256 MB and only 1 128 slot available.
My question is this computer worth upgrading?

alexmacris -> RE: Hi (8/21/2006 4:02:26 AM)

hi friend! welcome to this forum. can you tell us more about your pc config (cpu)?

tommytwo -> RE: Hi (8/21/2006 8:50:43 AM)

My CPU is a 933 Mhz Intel Pent. III, 5GB HD, CD player.

adiadidas -> RE: Hi (8/21/2006 5:24:11 PM)

I think that you should move. I mean a 62 year old disabled person living on disability here gets a lot of money from the gov
As for your computer, i think its quite good as it is.

SithTracy -> RE: Hi (8/21/2006 8:49:14 PM)

I think an important question is "What do you do on your computer?" ...Is it basically a web browsing/word processing box?  If so, it's probably fine as is might need a little RAM (you can replace the 256 and put in two 512 MB sticks)...

If you ever upgrade, it might be good to hold on to and use it to learn Linux.  Often wish I had more time to do the same.

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