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oeteke -> [HTTP][RS] HDLOADER 0.8b for PS2 + 0.7c + extras (8/3/2006 11:10:40 AM)

HDLOADER version 0.8b + 0.7c
- No disc seek while loading (stops freezing at splash screen on V9 and later models).
- Compatibility menu facelift with new built-in modes (with some improvements).
- V12/13 PSTwo support (for Automan's interface).
- Stop CDVD-drive motor after loading (use ONLY when booting from a disc on V9 and later models).
- Bigger game list (fit more titles on screen).
- Force HDLoader UI into NTSC-mode on PAL machines (fullscreen image).
- LBA 48bit patch (allows full use of HDDs up to 2 terabytes).
- Auto idle off fix to stop HDD from shutting down while left idling.
- MDMA/UDMA-mode selector through user configurable button layout while HDLoader starts.
- Swap X/O buttons for japanese style controls.
- Disable all features from the UI except playing games.
- Position screen.
- Force default language.
- Change graphics (splash, main & the button image).
- Change font.
- Change colors and texts from a separate textfiles.
- Extract images, font data, colors & texts from HDLoader.

This is the version for PAL & NTSC.
Just unrar and burn with Nero as CD, MODE 2/XA.
Then put in your modded PS2 with HDD and the file will be installed on your HDD.
It works with the Matrix Infinity chip (and DMS i think).
Just press the L1 button while starting up.
Works for GTA-Liberty City Stories and more games...

This version is to copy it to your MC and launch HDLOADER from the MC.

This version is 0.7c which is also perfect.
Copies BOOT.ELF to your HDD in the PS2.

This version is for you guys who don't have a Matrix Infinity or DMS chip.
Just insert CD, boot from CD and install the game you want.
When you want to play via HDLOADER, just insert the cd and launch the game you want.
- ISO-file
- Version 0.7c

Here's the latest Firmware if you have the Matrix Infinity chip.
It's version 1.88

Also the Infinity Manager v1.02, to manage your PS2 Matrix Setup

- Infinity options configuration screen.
- DEV2 mode
- Full DVD+R DL support
- RCE support
- Y-fix
- Enhanced Y-fix compatibility on several games
- Boot logo
- New config menu
- ATAD auto patch.
- HDD browser support.
- Selectable default boot mode.
- PS2 color/videomode fix.
- GameAccellerator function for PAL machines (beta).
- DEV1 compatible mode for MC applications.
- Default language selection for FastBoot/MC applications.
- Selectable pad detect time.
- V12 SCPH-70012 USA compatibility
- V12 SCPH-700xx PAL compatibility
- V12 SCPH-700xx JAP compatibility
- VMODE now selectable as PAL or NTSC
- AUTO force mode.
- Infinity configuration screen position fix for some NTSC TVs.
- Option menu color scheme was changed to offer better readability on some tv sets.
- MC_LOADER issues fixed.
- Faster boot and HDD compatibility.
- Enhanced Codebreaker compatibility
- New FastBoot procedure implemented.
- Files already in Bin/Cue format and ready to be burned to CD.
- Added extra error management support for memory card installation procedure.
- When Infinity Manager is launched from Memory Card it will automatically display the list of installed applications.

alexmacris -> RE: [HTTP][RS] HDLOADER 0.8b for PS2 + 0.7c + extras (8/3/2006 3:46:25 PM)

Hi friend! thanks for your information, it would be great if you could add some info about how someone can transfer HD Loader to memory card...

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