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gergy -> burn ISO and data on same disc (7/31/2006 12:23:28 AM)

   I've searched this forum and cannot find answer. hope someone can help
Using Nero 7 Ultra,  I want to burn an ISO image to disc and some data along with it.

Basically i want the the DVD bootable and then have the other files in need on it for the rest of the work.  

can this be done.?  i was trying to use the UDF/ISO option on a new compliation but that doesn't work and when i use just UDF, the image file itself just gets wrtten to the disc as data   not make the image onto the DVD.

does that sound right?

please help

khokon1350 -> RE: burn ISO and data on same disc (7/31/2006 5:59:20 AM)

Burning an ISO image would be only in DAO (Disk at once). If you already have an ISO image and wish to add additional folders / files, then you require to have something like MagicISO. With this application, open your original ISO image, drag whatever is to be added to the opened image and then save it. The saved ISO would contain the folders / files added by you in addition to the original matter. Next burn it using the Nero

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