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Urvabara -> DD-CD and PD -drives? (7/1/2006 1:52:21 PM)


Where can I buy a DD-CD-drive and -media? Where can I buy a PD-drive and -media? Where can I buy a DVD-RW DL or DVD+RW DL -drive and -media? I really need them. No, I do not mean a DVD-RW-drive, which supports DVD-R DL; I really mean dual layer rewritable DVD. Few years ago, they said, that dual layer rewritable discs are an impossibility, but last year there were rumours about DVD-RW DLs in near-future.

alexmacris -> RE: DD-CD and PD -drives? (7/5/2006 5:59:43 AM)

Hi friend! As far i know, there aren't any Dual Layer re-writable DVD writers, at least not yet, please wait some months cause they are coming

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