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IveyLeaguer -> Advice for Purchase of DVD Recorder (5/8/2006 1:10:57 PM)

Hello Everyone,

I am making my first venture into digital video and need a DVD Recorder for under $200.  After several hours of research, I am considering the following:

1.  Lite-On LVW 5000  (B?, I guess, since no letter is given)
2.  Lite-On LVW 5000X
3.  Lite-On LVW 5000XS (though I haven't yet found one)

For the first machine, I want one that is flexible and "has legs", as it were, one that will still be useful in the future.  From what I can tell, these models offer:

1.  Disc Compatibility
2.  Inouts & Outputs that will be useful later with other Recorders, i.e., disc to disc recording, etc.
3.  Pretty good quality all-around.
4.  User-friendly for this price range.

I would appreciate advice on whether these are good choices or not, the differences in these models, and would be most interested if you have different recommendations for the best machine under $200.

Thanks in advance.

emperor -> RE: Advice for Purchase of DVD Recorder (5/10/2006 7:46:35 AM)


We have tested several stand alone DVD recorders, either with HDD or not. Please read some of our reviews

IveyLeaguer -> RE: Advice for Purchase of DVD Recorder (6/27/2006 2:53:15 PM)

Thanks, but those were no help.

I purchased a Panasonic ES-15 for $154 and what a machine it is!  I've been recording for almost 2 weeks now and, even though I've never seen a DVD Recorder operate, still have not opened the packet with the manual and accessories.

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