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Jimmys -> Hard disk problems (3/30/2004 5:13:30 AM)

This is a hard disk problem but I suppose that the gurus here will be able to help me.
A friend has what I call a super pc with the above configuration

ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe
Intel P4 3.20GHZ
DDR 400MHZ DUAL Channel 1024MB
Pri. Master Plextor PX-W4012A Ultra DMA2

Pri. Slave WD 250GB Ultra DMA5

Sec Master Plextor DVD-ROM PX-116A

Sec Slave WD 200GB Ultra DMA 5

3rd Master SATA Seagate120GB Ultra DMA 5

4th Master Sata WD 250 GB Ultra DMA 5

On a Promise Controller
D0 Sata ED 250GB Ultra DMA 5
D1 WD 160GB Ultra DMA 5

The patch for big hard disks has been applied since the above configuration was given to me on a printed paper so I assume that his operating system recognize all devices properly

Under that heavy configuration the problem is that both 250GB SATA HDs cannot be formatted under NTFS file system. Although the quick format works, when he goes for a full format the process never ends.

As he told me he tried both known format options under winxp and dos mode (something like format->ntfs) but the format process does not end.
He also tried partitioning the 250GB hard disks on two partitions of about 120GB each. The first partition was formatted successfully but the on the second one the process never ends
Under the portioned option, on dos window the process ended successfully but when he prompt to give a name to the new label he received an error message that the name could not be used even when he used enter for no label.

Any suggestions on that?


ant -> RE: Hard disk problems (3/30/2004 12:44:21 PM)

I suppose the problem is either due to bad SATA drivers or it is an XP problem. Although I haven't tried it myself, you could do the following:
- Use a WinXP installation disc to bootup from bios.
- At the Windows Setup screen, press F6 to install the SATA driver for your motherboard.
- Insert the driver diskette. Press S then press Enter.
- Select your Serial ATA Controller and press Enter.

Otherwise, you could just update the SATA driver through an existing WinXP installation.

Matthew -> RE: Hard disk problems (3/30/2004 4:09:03 PM)

Was just wondering... is the PSU good enough for all that?

ant -> RE: Hard disk problems (3/31/2004 3:00:03 AM)

Good point Matthew..

Jimmys -> RE: Hard disk problems (3/31/2004 6:21:17 AM)

We keep on testing the machine.
It seems that the problem is focused on the HD. They are propably problematic since the owner recieved an I/O disc error when he tried to full the hd with files.

MP3Mogul -> RE: Hard disk problems (3/31/2004 7:10:13 AM)

Just a thought, you are using probably the "worst" possible controller card that money can buy. There have LONG been plauging problems with the Promise Cards. I suggest trying a new controller card.

Jimmys -> RE: Hard disk problems (3/31/2004 7:15:59 AM)

i believe that the current controller has a very advanced option
it has both ata and sata interface.
i am not sure although

Jimmys -> RE: Hard disk problems (3/31/2004 1:29:47 PM)

For those who interest for the end of the story.
We were lucky enough to found another pc with the exact same configuration
Same operating system, same harddisks, same motherboard, same cpu, same memory, even same controllers.
The new super pc belongs to the person that suggest the configuration described on the first post, as it was tested and trusted.
The method he followed to test the problematic hard disks is what i call a professional one.
He made a ghost of his own pc on a usb harddisk and we used that disk for the boot process.
We knew that if the format process of the problematic disks was ending successful, there was a problem on the operating system since the hardware part of both the ghost and the tested pc was almost identical
Unfortunately the same error occurred on both 250gb disks under dos and win xp
We know for sure now that both harddisk are problematic
The next step is to identify if it is a wider problem meaning that the all series is damaged or some problem occured during the carriage from WD to the shop
The full id of the disc is
WD 2500JD-00GBB0 02-05D02

ant -> RE: Hard disk problems (4/2/2004 8:16:37 AM)

Glad you worked it out Jimmys. I hope that the HDs are into warranty for replacement.

Jimmys -> RE: Hard disk problems (4/2/2004 8:40:22 AM)

Yes, ant
both are brand new and under warranty

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