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Esskie -> Nero Update blues?? (5/1/2006 7:59:35 PM)

Hi There,
Has anyone else had any problems updating from Nero v7.0.8.2 to the current v7.2.0.3b I wonder?.

First time round I used the Update option in Nero Product Setup, after getting to the dialogue box with the 'Checking Engine', 'Optimizing Download', 'Patching' etc the update was downloaded & then broke into an installation.
All went fine until it was very nearly completed when it found the following, or rather couldn't find the following!;
Extracting Cab\

CRC failed in Cab\

Extracting Cab\

The installation just rolled back & ended up uninstalling my previous version too!?! lol!.
I then tried again using the 122Mb update file from and I noticed the above in the cab extraction dialogue box near the end of the update. This time it never rolled back or uninstalled the previous version.
Going by a Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) would I be right in saying that the downloaded file may have been corrupted or worse and something at my end?.
It's a registered (pay & get emailed a serial no.) version of Nero being used & not the trial/un-registered.
Tbh, I like v7 a lot but with v6 I never had one ounce of grief whereas v7 has/is giving me a fair amount of bother!?.
Best Regards, Esskie.

SithTracy -> RE: Nero Update blues?? (5/1/2006 8:23:09 PM)

Don't get me wrong, I like Nero and I'm sure they will eventually get the major bugs worked out, but I too have run into some issues with the latest release (still the MP3 thing is not affecting me)... I kinda Like Nero Vision, but with this release, it won't launch.  I have to kill the process because it lags.  Had similar installation issues as well, can't recall if they were exact.  Burning ROM works okay, and I use that most of all, but the current 7.2.xx release is not at all impressive.  Getting to be a bloated with junk that someone else already does better.  My fear, we'll have to wait until 8.0 until they get it right, but I will keep some faith... they have been pretty good in the past.

Esskie -> RE: Nero Update blues?? (5/1/2006 9:06:59 PM)

Hi S-T (Do I know you from another forum or just here?)
Yeah, like yourself I love Nero as a burning app & have been using it for a good while now!, going back to v5.
After v6 (and updates) which was 'solid' imho, to version 7 I have to say I'm not too impressed by their efforts either mate [sm=bash2.gif].
I can't get Nero Vision to execute either my friend yet it shows in Task Manager as running!?, also Wave Editor & Nero Sound Trax haven't worked on this user account since installing Sony Acid Pro 5.0 a couple of weeks back yet Wave Editor, & I presume Sound Trax work on both my son's accounts, one of which is a guest account the other with admin's rights.

It does seem to be a bit "bloated" these days mate huh!?, just looking at whats on the start menu, I mean how many actual shortcuts do you need?. Seriously though, I dunno what you think about Nero Home? but although it looks nice & Media Centre'ish it really isn't required. There's nothing you can do with it that can't be done elsewhere.


My fear, we'll have to wait until 8.0 until they get it right,

Well I hope theres not too many more 7.x.x.x releases before then mate!!

Btw, can you upgrade through Product Setup?, I cured my problem in the last post but only by logging into 'My Nero' & d/l'ing the update again & updating manually as in not with Product Setup.

Regards, Esskie.

box3000 -> RE: Nero Update blues?? (4/14/2007 1:37:31 PM)

[:D]Hey ,just had trouble installing nero again.CRC failed.........Tried download,chech it, nknown.There is problem with o/s.So either new install of the o/s or I unpacked it on another pc-cancel install now copy the temp install from loacl temp fodder to the pc were you what it -in the same it all is will.It worked for me.Try it or reload o/s.Ps.........what a pain in the ass.

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